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Idiotic spectators take selfies on Tour de France course 71

In the sport of professional cycling, there is literally no boundary between the fans and the cyclists. Stage races, such as the Tour de France, go for thousands of miles, and fans are expected to behave and allow the cyclists proper room to operate.

However, a new fad has emerged at this year’s race, and it is irritating the competitors to the highest degree. Spectators have been taking selfies on the course, some with their backs turned to hundreds of cyclists. Participants believe it’s only a matter of time before a fan causes a crash by partaking in such ridiculous behavior.

American rider Tejay van Garderen sounded off on Twitter about the issue:

It seems like the popularity of taking selfies in almost any situation these days has gotten to be a nuisance. Check out some of the people that decided to take these pictures at the race, putting themselves and the cyclists in possible danger. Some things you have to see to believe.



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