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Jeremy Lin Reportedly Upset New York Knicks Didn’t Make First Offer 0

Jeremy Lin
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Apparently Jeremy Lin has either forgotten where he was two years ago, or doesn’t quite understand how the restricted free agent process works. Either way, a report from the New York Daily News says that Lin is upset with the New York Knicks for not making him an offer before the Houston Rockets.

With the unsurprising news coming a few days ago that the Knicks will match Houston’s offer to Lin, this report indicates their next task will be to mend fences with the young point guard, who sent the NBA world into mass hysteria a few months ago.

As I referred to earlier, this doesn’t make sense on a couple of different levels. Primarily, does Lin not realize that he just took six weeks of good basketball and turned it into nearly 30 million dollars? This doesn’t even count endorsements he is now receiving, and “Linsanity” shirts being sold around the world. The man has become the epitome of the American dream, and he wants to complain about it?

On a more basketball related note, it doesn’t make sense for the Knicks to make Lin the initial offer, especially if you are planning on matching anyway as the Knicks seemed to be. The most common practice for restricted free agents is to let the market dictate his value, and match an offer. Why offer Lin 40 million dollars if no one is willing to offer him 30? That is the type of thinking that GMs and front offices take with restricted free agents. Point being, Jeremy Lin certainly isn’t the first restricted free agent to not get offered an initial contract by his current team. In fact, the exception to the rule is a player that DOES get an initial offer from his team.

Hopefully, this report from the New York Daily News is just a little blown out of proportion, and Lin isn’t all that upset with the Knicks. However, he shouldn’t be upset at all. This is a business, and he of all people should know that the way he’s profiting off of his brand now.


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