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Jeremy Lin visits parents’ native Taiwan 0

Jeremy Lin returned to his parents native Taiwan to visit

Jeremy Lin has finally visited his parents’ native Taiwan since rising up from obscurity to becoming one of sports best stories. Jeremy Lin has pledged to stay true to himself and not get caught up into “Linsanity” and the fame that it brings. Lin recently left the Knicks for the Houston Rockets after his former team declined to match the Rockets back-loaded contract offered to him.

Via ESPN/Associated Press:

Lin recently left the New York Knicks for Yao’s former team, the Houston Rockets. He was born and raised in the United States.

But his maternal grandmother is from China and his parents are from Taiwan. The NBA can expect Lin to generate huge business from the vast Chinese-speaking world because of his Asian lineage.

Lin evaded the touchy question of whether he’s Chinese or Taiwanese, saying only “there’s a lot of history behind who I am.”


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