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Jermaine O’Neal: “I do believe I can go for 20 on any given night” 0

Jermaine O’Neal

After two seasons as a Boston Celtic that most would classify as a failure, Jermanine O’Neal is looking to join a contender for one last push at a championship. He has recently been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, although nothing is certain.

In only 25 games last season, Jermaine O’Neal averaged 5 points, 5 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks per game. He was the team’s starting center when he was healthy, but the 33 year old just couldn’t seem to stay on the floor.

He has been very clear that his primary goal is a championship. O’Neal has made over $165 million in his career, and was a premier center in his younger years. At this point, he wants to get a ring and ride off into the sunset.

While being interviewed, Jermaine O’Neal began speaking of his time in Boston. Although he claims to have enjoyed his time there, he admits that the idea of giving up scoring to focus on defense was tough for him. He has always been a scorer, and still is in his mind.

“I’m not stupid, I don’t think I can go for 20 every night anymore, but I do believe I can go for 20 on any given night.”

Side note: watch the video attached in the above link to gain full context of this quote. The quote alone may seem like he is talking about playing 20 minutes; in the video, he is clearly talking within the context of scoring, as he was speaking about giving up his offense in Boston.

Anyone who watched Jermaine O’Neal the past few years would certainly be a bit taken back by this quote. He struggled to stay on the court, and it’s clear that he is not the player he once was. He could probably still help a team, but it’s unlikely he’ll be scoring 20 very often, if at all.

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