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Jets QB Geno Smith Thinks College Players Should Get Paid 88

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With the hailstorm of opinions being thrown around about whether or not collegiate athletes should be paid, by every sports pundit and player in the world, you’d figure someone who is entrenched in a highly publicized NFL quarterback battle wouldn’t have time to comment on the topic. You would’ve figured wrong. New York Jets rookie QB Geno Smith thinks college athletes should be paid.


The former West Virginia quarterback didn’t stop there.


The nations hype about whether or not college players should see revenue from their own success is off the heels of Texas A&M’s Johnny “Football” Manziel’s alleged autograph sessions, in which he charged money. There are two different trains of on this topic. Those who think a free college education worth is payment enough. And those who think these kids should get paid a percentage of the revenue they bring to the school. Geno Smith is a former college athlete. It’s pretty clear on where he was going to stand on the topic.

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