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John Wall: “It’s time to be an all-star” 0

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We’ve likely all read about John Wall’s extreme optimism last week, saying that he believe the Washington Wizards will be a playoff team next season. We laughed, we felt sorry for the guy, then we laughed a little more. The Wizards!? The same team who finished an abysmal 20-46 last season. Yeah.

That same criminally bad team. The saddest part about the Wizards extremely poor play is that John Wall is an incredible talent and he’s wasting away on a crummy team who can’t seem to put together a formidable NBA roster, despite having a productive, up-and-coming point guard.

It seems as though John Wall is to the point of making predictions, that is generally a sign of either extreme confidence (from having a talented team) or utter frustration from being on the losing end of games 80% of the time. Remember, we’ve seen athletes like Roy Williams make playoff predictions in the midst of an 0-16 Detroit Lions season.

John wall is also saying that it’s time for him to play like an all-star and be selected to the all-star team. Despite Wall’s talent and gorgeous game, he’s still behind the point guard curve in terms of popularity (likely because he plays for the terrible Wizards) and productivity. You have to either be tremendously popular, or a leader on a good to great team in order to be up to all-star standards. It’s the nature of the beast. 

“Yeah, it’s time for me to be in the playoffs, it’s time to be an All-Star,” Wall said. “It’s all those type of things that I’ve been wanting and wanting [for] this organization, to help the Wizards get better. So it’s all up to me to lead my team and us to get better.”

These are nice goals, and aspirations that I believe Wall is totally capable of achieving. The guy isn’t being unreasonable. He feels like his game is up to snuff with that of Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and other superstar point-guards and I commend his confidence, but now it’s time to deliver. The excuses like “the Wizards are awful” and “Wall is still young” start to lose their value once you step up and start predicting stuff like the playoffs are all-star bids.

Wall has set the stage for what should be his most important NBA season to date, and I hope he delivers on his word.


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