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Kevin McHale “threw a tantrum” after some of Houston’s offseason moves 1

Jeremy Lin

The Houston Rockets have been making quite a bit of noise this offseason; for better or for worse. The team was very open about their desire to bring big man Dwight Howard to town, even if it was only for one guaranteed season. In this pursuit, they signed Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik, let Goran Dragic walk in free agency, traded Kyle Lowry, amnestied Luis Scola, and stalked up on a plethora of first round draft picks.

The team ended up adding Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, and Terrence Jones in the first round.

And head coach Kevin McHale is not happy about one bit of all this.

McHale reportedly threw a tantrum in response to all this news, and it is believed that this may be his last season in Houston.

Houston coach Kevin McHale was said to have thrown a fit when the Rockets allowed their free agent playmaker, Goran Dragic, to go to Phoenix to replace the departed Steve Nash. McHale even lamented that the Rockets traded off another point guard, Kyle Lowry, with whom he often clashed, to the Raptors. So now McHale has been reduced to hoping that Jeremy Lin is as good as his superiors believe the former Knick sensation will be in his second go-round for the Rockets. Publicly, McHale is toeing the company line on his newly-minted $25 million playmaker, saying all the right things. But coaching friends who have talked to him about Lin and the rebuilding Rockets have gotten the sense that this could be his final season in Houston.

Keep in mind that Kevin McHale and Kyle Lowry were at odds even before Lowry was shipped to Toronto. Regardless, Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry, and Luis Scola were three of his best players.

It doesn’t seem like Kevin McHale is big on the acquisitions of Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik, and he is not the only one. Many, myself included, believe that the Rockets overpaid and are relying on two players with extremely limited success in the league. Lin was a standout for half a season, and Asik has never been more than a bench player.

We’ll see if the Rockets can fix all this in time. Few things are worse than a coach not believing in his key players.

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