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Kim Kardashian “sexting” Devin Ebanks? 58

It’s no secret that reality television star Kim Kardashian loves professional athletes. She has had widely publicized relationships with NFL’er Reggie Bush and NBA’er Kris Humphries. In her downtime, she chases down hip-hop artists: who can forget the sex tape with Ray J. that catapulted her “career”, and she has most recently been linked to mega-star Kanye West. Reports from our good friends at Black Sports Online now claim that she has been caught “sexting”, or flirting, with Los Angeles Lakers guard Devin Ebanks:

Rumor has been spreading  that Kanye and Kim got into a major breakdown because she was caught “sexting” with Lakers Devin Ebanks. It seems that it was only flirting or as the kids call it, “sexting”, but it was enough to cause a giant uproar in Santa Monica last week.

NBA player, Kris Humphries, who was in a “reality TV show marriage” with Kim K, was very adamant that she, “never, ever got a chance to meet with Ebanks” after Kim said she thought the baller was “cute”.

I don’t think this situation will sit too well with ‘ol Yeezy. I mean, she has been accused of such actions before. Sure, she has a wonderful backyard, but it looks like everyone is playing in it (my friend Rick has a great sense of humor, follow @RickyD217 for some comic relief). But I don’t think that’s enough to risk being publicly humiliated. Kanye has plenty of willing females at his disposal. As for Ebanks, he has cheated on his girlfriend before. Maybe they deserve each other.



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