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Kobe to LeBron: “One championship doesn’t get it” 0

They may be Olympic teammates for the time being, but don’t think Kobe Bryant has any plans of taking it easy on LeBron James.

While playing together, they were interviewed by Sports Illustrated in Las Vegas during training camp. What do you think they were talking about?

“One championship doesn’t get it, you know what I’m saying?” Bryant said. “So for me, when we won one, it was a little different because it was, like you know, Michael (Jordan) had six, Magic (Johnson) had five. So me and Shaq (O’Neal) both were like, man, we got to get some more. One ain’t going to cut it.”

This is the Black Mamba that we know and love, right?

Just in case you have been living under a rock, LeBron James recently won his first championship at age 27 this past season after defeating Kevin Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder. And as we know, Kobe Bryant has 5. Michael Jordan, the man they both seem to be chasing, has 6.

Clearly, Kobe Bryant doesn’t seem to be impressed by LeBron’s single ring. He’ll try to tack on at least one more after the Lakers added point guard Steve Nash to the mix recently.

It’s quite possible that LeBron James could catch Kobe Bryant in the ring race. But for now?

Kobe Bryant gets the last laugh, it seems.

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