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Larry Sanders Will Reportedly Enter Rehab 0

Larry Sanders

credit: Uptown Magazine

It doesn’t seem like very long ago that Larry Sanders’ stock couldn’t stop rising. He emerged as one of the few rim protectors good enough to cover up for an otherwise bad defense, and showed enough promise for the Milwaukee Bucks to sign him to a big extension.

Now, it seems like things can’t get a ton worse. He was virtually non-existent for the Bucks last season, and he’s had a ton of problems; fights, drug problems, legal issues, etc.

There has been talk of trying to trade Sanders, but at this point, it seems like a tough sell for any NBA team. According to a report, Larry Sanders is expected to enter rehab this summer. Via Journal Times:

But McGary experienced back issues last season and wound up playing only eight games for the Wolverines. He subsequently underwent season-ending back surgery in January.

McGary also flunked an NCAA drug test for marijuana and faced a possible one-year suspension. He then opted to enter the NBA draft.

The Bucks’ interest in McGary could intensify if he has a strong workout and if they are successful in trading troubled center Larry Sanders.

Contrary to a report, the market for Sanders is virtually non-existent as he not only has been plagued by off-court issues — he is expected to enter a rehab facility this summer — but will be entering the first of a four-year, $44 million contract next season.

Well, alright then. Good luck trying to trade Larry Sanders while he’s in rehab and is owed $44 million. Actually, just call the Knicks. They’ll probably take him.

Hopefully Sanders can get everything in his personal life straightened out sooner rather than later. He’s a fun player when he’s at his best, and the Bucks could surely use his defensive presence. Maybe going to rehab this summer will be the start of a turnaround.




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