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MLS’ Seattle Sounders letting fans decide GM’s fate 89

MLS’ Seattle Sounders letting fans decide GM’s future.
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Almost every fan of a team feels like they should be the one making the decisions for the organization. It is a part of the old myth tradition that purchasing season tickets somehow makes you qualified to make personnel decisions. Well, the MLS’ Seattle Sounders are taking fan interaction to the next level. According to the New York Times, the professional soccer team is going to let their fans decide whether or not they should retain current general manager Adrian Hanauer.

Don’t feel too bad for Hanauer, as he is actually a minority owner of the team, and the fans haven’t been blessed with the opportunity of removing him from that role as well. If Hanauer loses the poll, he will return to the team in some capacity, just not as the general manager. The official poll, which can be voted on at home games or online, will begin Sunday and run until December 7th. According to Kevin Zelko, founder of the Seattle Sounders independent booster club, Gorilla FC, the fans have taken notice as well.

Beginning Sunday, and ending Dec. 7, Sounders fans will head to the polls (at the stadium or online from home) and cast ballots on whether the team should retain general manager Adrian Hanauer.

“At first, it sounded like a gimmick,… But now we’re getting to do it. It’s great to see it happen.”

This is pretty cool for everyone not named Adrian Hanauer, and will be sure to generate some buzz for the team, as well as the league. Both can use as much as they can get. All we need to put the cherry on top of this story would be attack ads from Hanauer’s potential opponent. It is an election year, after all.


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