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NBA investigating JR Smith for untying opponent’s shoelaces 81

Doesn’t the NBA have something better to do than make a big deal out of this?

As seen in a previous news story, JR Smith of the Knicks took it upon himself to untie Mavs forward Shawn Marion’s shoelaces while awaiting a foul shot. It didn’t really seem to affect much of the play as Dirk Nowitzki sunk his foul shot anyway. Now, according to the New York Daily News, the NBA is investigating the incident and Smith might be disciplined. The league is investigating whether or not the act put Marion in danger. Smith responded in a tweet by saying that he “did it every game” when he was asked about a previous time where he had done the same to Dwight Howard’s shoelaces.



The NBA has fined JR Smith twice for inappropriate Twitter messages and suspended him for failing three marijuana tests and elbowing Jason Terry during last season’s playoffs. If the incident had been by a different player without the mile long record, we may not be hearing about this at all. But this IS JR Smith, who is no stranger to controversy. I doubt the NBA is going to go easy on him.

Maybe it’s time for him to stop goofing around and get his mind back on playing basketball. He has been a big disappointment for the Knicks this season. Besides the shoelace incident, he also may have cost New York a game against Houston when he took an open three-pointer when he could have run out the clock. The shot clock was off and the game was tied. Instead, he bricked a three and Houston took the ball down the court to put the game away.


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