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[NBA] The US team had challenges when confronting Turkey 4

Although the US team is not overestimated at the FIBA World Cup 2019, few people doubt they can face many difficulties right from the first match of the tournament.

In the match against Turkey ended yesterday, the United States encountered an enormous challenge. It was thanked to extra time, and the US could struggle to overcome the team that ranked 17th in the world with a close score of 93-92. This has made the NBA betting community in particular, the sports betting community in general quite confused, including the sports fans participating in Super Bowl Betting in PA.

This is a match where the ability to finish of the US team is nasty. The team’s overall basketball goal is only 35%. Khris Middleton can be called the hero of the US team yesterday. Because he successfully made two decisive free throws when the game only has about 2.1 seconds to bring victory to the US. Middleton also scored the most points for the US this match with 15 points and a successful shot at 55.6%.

Turkey can only blame themselves when they are very close to winning against the defending champion. However, they missed four consecutive free throws (2 by Cedi Osman and 2 by Dogus Balbay) when the match was about 9 seconds. If successful in these 4 penalties, Turkey is almost certainly able to create a surprise.

Kemba Walker also deserves to be named of the match as he proved somewhat of his level with five quite important points in extra time. In addition, Walker also contributed a steal as well as catch an attack error of opponents in this half to help the US escape. Walker finished the match with 14 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds after nearly 32 minutes of being on the pitch. However, in the four main innings, the trio considered the owner of the US, including Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Donovan Mitchell, had only 8/32 hits on target.

Despite the victory, the US really is making their fans worry a lot. Not only was the basket pitched severely, but the inside of the US also proved to be quite weak against the big men of Turkey and often failed. Turkey scored 38 points in the 3-second zone while the US had only 20 points. At the end of the fourth quarter, coach Gregg Popovich also made a somewhat confusing decision. He pulled all the US’s big men out and let Tatum and Middleton fight at 4th place and 5th place. Ersan Ilyasova of Turkey has made good use of the physical advantage to get essential scores.

Ilyasova also scored the most points in this match with 23 points. In addition, he has 14 rebounds to complete the double. Although Ilyasova played the last 9 minutes of the match when he made 4 personal fouls, the US still could not get the 5th foul of this player. Melih Mahmutoglu was also an impressive player yesterday with 18 points. Furkan Korkmaz contributed to Turkey 16 points.

With this victory, the US won the right to qualify for the knockout round of the FIBA World Cup 2019 after two wins. Their 44 consecutive victories in the FIBA World Cup and Olympics are still in place. However, the US team also suffered losses of this match because Tatum sustained an ankle injury and had to leave the field at the end of the fourth half.



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