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Nets looking for third team to help land Dwight Howard 0


Photo: Keith Allison/Creative Commons

The Nets are making progress with plans to get a third team to absorb salary in what would be a blockbuster trade that would send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn.

Proposed deal with Orlando would be finding a third team to take the Nets’ Kris Humphries in a sign-and-trade arrangement. Cleveland has emerged as a “possible destination” for Humphries in such a scenario, in which the Nets would attempt to gather at least three first-round picks to send to the Magic.

The Cavs have as many as six first-round picks in the next three drafts — three of them from previous trades, with various levels of protection. However, with cap space to sign Humphries as a free agent, getting Humphries alone wouldn’t provide any incentive for Cleveland to surrender one of those picks.

The Lakers also remain involved in the Howard discussions, but the Magic are reluctant to send Howard to L.A. for Andrew Bynum if the Lakers’ center isn’t willing to commit to a long-term deal as part of the trade. Yahoo Sports reported Sunday that Bynum has given no inclination that he’s willing to do so.

Similarly, Howard only wants to sign a long-term deal with the Nets if traded.

If there is a deal to be made between the Nets and Magic, the likely scenario would involve center Brook Lopez going to Orlando and a signed-and-traded Humphries going to a third team. In the ideal scenario for Orlando, one of the first-round picks they’d get for Howard would come from a third team. The Nets have their own first-round picks to offer in alternate years under league rules, but if they added Howard with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, those picks would be in the bottom of the draft for the foreseeable future.


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