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Police investigating Ndamukong Suh in hit-and-run accident 67


Things just aren’t going well for Ndamukong Suh. His Detroit Lions are off to an abysmal start at 1-3. He was called out by an anonymous GM as being lazy and leaving plays on the field, and now he’s being investigated by Police for a hit-and-run accident.

According to ProFootballTalk:

According to FOX 2 in Detroit, Steve Vines claims that Suh sideswiped Vines’ car, left the scene of the accident, and then yelled at Vines at a stoplight.

Vines says he called Dearborn, Michigan police, who told him to go to the team’s practice facility and wait for them to arrive.  So that’s what Vines did.

“That’s when [Suh] said, ‘I advise you to leave, now,’” Vines said.  “And I said, ‘I’m not going anywhere.  I talked to the police.’  [He said], ‘I don’t care what they said.  You need to get out of here.’  And then he said, ‘I’m advising you to leave, now.’”


Suh has been known for having a short fuse, and this will be yet another incident in which Suh is involved. Nothing indicates this is true – yet. The scene described is simply alleged, but police are looking into it further.


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