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Possible Landing Spots for Dwight Howard 0


What colors will Dwight Howard be sporting next season?

The saga continues with Dwight Howard. The latest reports around the NBA are that Dwight is not very high on returning to Los Angeles again next season. After the whole Dwight trade saga that we saw and followed while he was in Orlando, he wound up next to Kobe Bryant and one of the most historic NBA franchises. What else could he want? Well, as we have come to know with Howard, it is pretty hard to please him, and now after an up and down season for the Lakers, Dwight doesn’t want to come back. So with the latest news, what teams could be good fits for this Hollywood diva?

Houston Rockets

This is a choice that makes a lot of sense for Dwight. The Rockets are an up and coming team with a lot of young talent. James Harden has emerged as a star in the NBA and would be a nice sidekick for the big man. Houston is a city that has had some great centers pass through including Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo. Their fan base is passionate, but their expectations are reasonable and would not lambast Howard if he struggles. The Rockets run a very fast paced offense that could see Dwight getting plenty of touches. Houston secured the 8th seed in the Western Conference last year, and with the addition of Howard, they could make a run at a mid-level seed next year.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks are an interesting choice for Howard. Their owner Mark Cuban is known for being a hands on owner who has can compete with anyone in terms of paying for high priced players. Dallas is a veteran team that has their star player in Dirk Nowitzki coming to the end of his run as an elite player. If Dwight comes in, it’s going to be his team from day 1. They would begin to build around Howard and Cuban’s Mavs would automatically become a much more favorable destination for other big time free agents. The Dallas Mavericks are going to enter full rebuilding mode in the very near future, and if they were able to reel in Howard, it would be a great jump start that the team needs.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lastly, you can’t leave out the team he played for last year. Even though the reports say that it is very unlikely he returns, we have seen Dwight flip flop on his decisions multiple times. It would not surprise anyone if tomorrow he came out and said he was very interested in playing for the Lakers next year. Don’t be surprised if he does want to come back, the Lakers go and get a new coach that he would prefer playing under. The Lakers are a legendary team, and the spotlight doesn’t get much brighter. If Howard wants to build a historic legacy, he will stay and wait until the Lakers are able to build around him with some younger assets and take this team back to the top.


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