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Rasheed Wallace working out for the New York Knicks 0

Reportedly, the Knicks worked out Rasheed Wallace and have interest in the retired big man.

The New York Knicks never seem to bore us. We just learned that they will be keeping Baron Davis in a “multi-faceted” role after his disappointing season in New York. Well, now we have news that might even make that look like nothing.

Remember Rasheed Wallace?

Last we saw of Sheed, he was hobbling up and down the floor for the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, filling in for the injured Kendrick Perkins.

Rumors swirled earlier this year of Sheed signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, although nothing came of it, and he stayed on his couch.

Well now, he’s working out for the New York Knicks. Seriously.

According to Sports Illustrated, Rasheed Wallace was spotted working out at the Knicks’ facility with Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas. According to Ric Bucher, who’s tweet is embedded in the SI link, the Knicks have interest in signing Sheed.

This would only make sense if they are trying to sign all of the oldest big men in the league. They acquired Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas this offseason, both of whom are ancient by NBA standards. But then again, we know that nothing has to make sense for the Knicks to go through with it.

I’m extremely skeptical about this whole thing, and what good it would do either side. I can’t see Rasheed Wallace having too much left to offer a team, and he was never the type of veteran that you would keep around to set a good example for the younger guys. This would make an even bigger logjam in the New York front court.

Rasheed Wallace is certainly entertaining, and he has quite a following amongst NBA fans. But this could definitely be an interesting development if the Knicks end up pursuing Sheed.

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