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No Dwight Howard or Pau Gasol. No big draft trade, no superstar, no hope. This was the reality for every Houston Rocket fan. Local radio shows laughed at the Omer Asik signing, not knowing of his defensive dominance. Linsanity was to make money and be bad enough to get a top 3 draft pick in next year’s draft. Trading for James Harden gave people hope, but just enough to know that the Rockets would be fighting for the 8th seed or end up with the 15th pick in a weak draft. Not exactly what Houston fans wanted to hear.

But like winning cures all, football makes you forget all.

But with the college football season over and the NFL down to eight teams, it is time to start focusing on what the Rockets have been doing: scoring points and winning games. Going 11-3 in their last fourteen games, being second in scoring, and getting better each game, the Houston Rockets are a team on the rise. Sounds great right? Not really Until the Rockets get another piece, they will be an average team that scores a lot of points, allows a lot of points and is eliminated in the second round of the playoffs for the next seven years.

Don’t get me wrong, they have nice players in Chandler Parsons and Patterson but these are role players. Parsons should be coming off the bench for a burst of energy, like the Bulls use Taj Gibson. Patterson is a younger version of Udonis Haslem. These are not starters on a championship team. Fans can lie to themselves; they have to in order to pay big money to attend a game. It is up to the organization to be realistic and go get another superstar.

Sounds easy right? Get another superstar! Forget about getting Dwight Howard or Chris Paul, it is just not happening. I say go get DeMarcus Cousins like their future depended on it. Cousins would love Houston, as a city with warm weather, fun nightlife, and beautiful women. The home crowd would adopt him as their own, just like they loved Ron Artest. Pairing him with Asik would give the Rockets a dominant backcourt and give Cousins a steady mature veteran to follow and mature with. McHale would have a talented big post player to develop. Lin and Harden can continue to not play defense knowing they have two big men behind them. So there it is Rocket fans, you could go from no hope to having a legitimate title contender in less than a year. Question is, can Morey crunch the numbers and go get him? History says he can’t, so expect to be swept in the first round of the playoffs for the next three years.

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