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Rudy Gay: I Don’t Like Chris Paul and the Clippers 0

We now know that Rudy Gay isn’t a fan of Chris Paul and his Clippers.

With the NBA season quickly approaching, there’s already no lack of smack talk. Would you expect anything else? If emotions are this high already, we should be in for a great season.

One of the first shots of the 2012-2013 season was fired by Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies regarding a Western Conference foe that they battled in last year’s playoffs.

What did the Memphis swing man have to say about Lob City?

Apparently, Rudy Gay doesn’t like Chris Paul. Or the Clippers.

“Definitely and how fitting that our first game is against the Clippers. (Host: Do you like them? Be honest.) Honestly no I don’t. (Host: I know you’re friends with Chris (Paul).) I mean I love him but I don’t like him anymore. (Host: I mean that’s your brother but as a team and man look they made a new rule because of them, the flopping rule came out.) Well yeah. (Host: What do you think about that?) One of the best parts of the playoffs last year was seeing Chris with the bonnet on. That was hilarious.”

It’s nice to actually see some fight out of an NBA player, given that the league today is filled with superstars who all seem to be friends. A lot of people seem to be getting on the Clippers for their flopping, and it appears that you can add Rudy Gay to that list. And Chris Paul is the ringleader of it all.

We’ll see if Rudy Gay plays as if he doesn’t like the Clippers. If so, Lob City better be ready.

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