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Scottie Pippen: We would beat the 2012 team by 25 points 0

Kobe Bryant made news earlier this week when he said that this Olympic team could beat the 1992 “Dream Team.”

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan have already come out and laughed at the notion, saying that their team would easily beat the 2012 team.

Now, Scottie Pippen is having his fun.

While being interviewed during the USA/Dominican Republic exhibition, Scottie Pippen was asked what the score of a game between the 1992 and 2012 teams would be. After dancing around the question for a little while, he finally gave an answer.

Pippen said that his team would win by 25 points.

That’s a confident statement for sure, but one that the Dream Team could certainly stand up to. He pointed out that they were the more balanced team, with bigs such as David Robinson and Patrick Ewing.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish this could actually happen. I want to see Chuck Barkley take on Melo. I want to watch Scottie Pippen play defense on LeBron. I want to see Kobe and Jordan go at it.

Of course, this will never happen. But add Scottie Pippen to the list of Dream Team members who believe that they would smack the 2012 team.

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