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Spanish Basketball Players Trashed Their Hotel Rooms After Olympic Loss 0

Spain couldn’t beat Team USA(above), but they did some fair damage on their hotel rooms.

We all remember Team USA defeating Spain in the gold-medal game of the London Olympics. As the heavy favorites, USA was expected to win, but the game was much closer than it probably should have been on paper.

That being said, some members of the Spanish team took the loss extremely hard. Perhaps even a little too hard.

Their hotel manager would agree.

According to the New York Daily News, the team was responsible for over $14,000 damages on only two hotel rooms. That’s right, average it out and that’s $7,000 per room in damage. How do you do that much damage?

The exact nature of the damage has not yet been confirmed, but the Spanish media has condemned the actions as “despicable” and “disrespectful”.

And a source within the Spanish Basketball Federation, which has officially denied any knowledge of the vandalism, said: “The leaving parties are usually a regular thing when players finish a tournament. After living together for six weeks, preparing and competing, they have it. But it has never led to this.”

The Spanish team only lost by 7, which really isn’t all that bad considering the talent level on both rosters. Spain had a bit of an advantage when it came to the talent of the big men, but they just simply couldn’t match up with the USA at all on the perimeter.

We’ll see if details leak out about the exact detail of the damage, but for now, we’re just left to wonder what was done to warrant a $14,000 damage bill.

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