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Why Sports Celebrities Love Casino Games 17

Talking about casino games, there are scores of sports celebrities who take an avid interest in gambling. They can be seen playing and promoting different kinds of casino games. Perhaps it is the attitude for winning that makes players take part in various casino games. To lure players, some of the premier UK online casinos offer various slot games based on sports. This has in fact added the attraction level for the common mass and lots of players have started to play different kinds of games.

So, let us get to know how gambling is related to sports celebrities in this article.

Snooker and Poker are quite popular sports

When it comes to casinos, games such as snooker and Poker becomes an element of interest for sports celebrities. For example, snooker player Steve Davis takes an avid interest in casino games and no wonder his favourite game is Snooker. By playing some of the snooker and poker games, he once won a huge amount of over $100 000. He has even taken part in the World Series of Poker events in the year 2006 and 2008

Another player who takes a deep interest in the casino is Ken Doherty. He took part in the celebrity poker tournament, emerged victoriously and won around $20 000. He was also a participant in the Dublin edition of the World Poker Tour. Well-known cricketer, Shane Warne is a huge fan of casino games. He regularly takes part in well-known gambling tournaments and poker events. He was the winner in celebrity poker events, such as the European World Series of Poker and Asia Pacific World poker series. He was also adjusted as third in the Victorian Poker Championship and got a whopping $40000.

In the same way, Tennis legend Boris Becker takes part in online casino and live poker tournaments. He has won over $100 000 in poker competitions and promotes online gambling.

Lots of footballers take avid interest in casino games

Football players are also known to be avid gambling enthusiasts. Plenty of them can be spotted in casino events. Teddy Sheringham had participated in the European Poker Vilamoura games and European World Series of Poker in 2010.  Tony Cascarino, the striker of Chelsea participated in different poker tournaments in the United Kingdom. He was also the winner of the United Kingdom Poker competition back in 2009.

In similar lines, Steve Watts took part in World Series of Poker and Binion Poker Classic tournaments and finished fifth in the poker tournament help in Ireland. In addition to these players, there are other sports celebrities like George St Pierre, Michel Phelps and others who are huge gambling enthusiast.

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