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Stan Van Gundy, on the Magic: “You get what you deserve” 0

Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard

Former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is never at a loss of words; actually, it seems like sometimes he is looking for something to say. We all remember that terribly awkward press conference last season where he told reporters that Dwight Howard wanted him fired, only to have Dwight walk in on the media session.

He has since been fired, and is currently unemployed. That being said, many around the league like him as a coach, and expect him to get another crack in the NBA at some point.

Of course, Dwight Howard has since been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Many, myself included, believe that the Orlando Magic did not get a very good return for their franchise big man. The Houston Rockets were offering their recent draft picks, an almost guaranteed lottery pick next year from Toronto, and significant cap space. Even Atlanta was rumored to be in the mix; one would have to believe their offer would have included some combination of Jeff Teague, Al Horford, and Josh Smith.

Instead, Orlando ended up with some draft picks, dumping Jason Richardson’s salary, Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, a significant trade exception, and a few decent young players. There is really no part of this deal that makes you say that Orlando got a good return.

So, what does Stan Van Gundy have to say about the whole thing?

How do you feel about the fallout from everything that has happened in Orlando? Are you frustrated? Relieved?

“Well I’d like to have a job. That’d be nice. That’s not a great feeling. We just got caught up in a bad situation and our organization didn’t handle it very well. Because of that I would say we probably deserve a lot of what happened as an organization and certainly not the other players. I thought those guys…I felt badly for them, a group that worked hard and was very professional all year long and didn’t deserve everything that happened, but from our organization especially the people at the very top it just wasn’t handled very well, so you get what you deserve.”

It’s clear that Stan Van Gundy wasn’t treated well, and probably didn’t deserve all of this from the organization, especially if it was done simply to please Dwight Howard.

With Dwight injured, the Orlando Magic lost in the first round of the playoffs by the Indiana Pacers. Their roster was extremely lonely without Dwight Howard, but it should be noted that Stan Van Gundy got his team to play very hard and compete even though they were very outmatched.

You know you’ll always get an honest answer out of Stan Van Gundy. Some hate it, some love it.

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