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Syracuse’s basketball program repeatedly violated its internal drug policy 59

Yahoo sports is reporting that the Syracuse basketball program has been flooded in positive drug tests for a decade, and several times failed to follow its internal drug policy while still allowing guys that should have been rendered ineligible to still play.

Apparently over a three-month span, sources close to the Syracuse men’s basketball program told Yahoo! Sports at least ten players since 2001 have tested positive for banned or illegal substances. The sources also said all ten of those players  practiced and played when they should have been suspended. Some of these instances including when players may not have known of their ineligibility. The sources said Syracuse violated its drug policy in at least two areas: failing to properly report positive tests; and playing ineligible players after they should have been suspended due to those test results.

Looks like more hot water for a college program that was already in the midst of turmoil earlier this season.

When questioned, coach Jim Boheim said: “Obviously, I’m not going to talk about anything at all.”

Depending on how the NCAA responds to these allegations, this could lead to yet another black eye on a once proud program. The past decade for Jim Boheim has included several accounts of questionable behavior. Besides the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against assistant coach Bernie Fine, Syracuse has had its share of knuckleheads including:  Billy Edelin, Eric Devendorf, Johnny Flynn, Rick Jackson, Josh Wright, Dayshawn Wright, Scoop Jardine and Fab Melo.

Stay tuned…

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