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Thunder reportedly “would love” to acquire Jimmer Fredette 0

Jimmer Fredette

It wasn’t all that long ago that the whole nation was on the edge of their seat watching Jimmer Fredette explode in his games at BYU. He truly had “gym range” there, as in, he was in range as soon as he stepped in the gym. Or, as some would call it, Jimmer Range.

All that being said, we all know that college success doesn’t always equate to success in the NBA. They are two different leagues, where you’re playing against the best of the best night in and night out. Let’s face it, BYU didn’t exactly face the best competition every night.

After being drafted by the Kings, rumors are swirling that he might already be on his way out of town following only one season. The team has a huge overstock of guards on their roster, including Tyreke Evans, Isaiah Thomas, Aaron Brooks, Marcus Thorton, and Jimmer.

According to sources, the Oklahoma City Thunder reportedly have interest in acquiring Jimmer Fredette, if he is indeed on the trading block.

Speaking of Kings, Jimmer Fredette would love to go someplace where someone other than just DeMarcus Cousins will pass him the ball. Thunder would love to pry Fredette away from Kings as replacement for Derek Fisher. Kevin Durant is a Jimmer fan.

This is definitely interesting news. There’s not really room for him in Sacramento, it appears. Even if he can find minutes there, Sacramento seems completely dysfunctional, and Jimmer is not the kind of player who can take over at the NBA level.

However, he could have a nice role in Oklahoma City. The Thunder could use a spot-up three-point shooter, which is exactly what Jimmer Fredette can be for them. Eric Maynor is their backup point guard, but because he is recovering from ACL tear, I’m sure the Thunder wouldn’t mind some backcourt depth. Although Westbrook, Harden, Sefolosha, and Maynor are already on the roster, Jimmer could find a nice spot there. Westbrook could play minutes at small forward backing up Kevin Durant, and could find Fredette some time.

Let’s be clear; Jimmer Fredette would have a fairly small role on Oklahoma City. But could he help spread the floor for the likes of Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kevin Durant, who all like to attack the rim? Definitely.

People thought Derek Fisher on the Thunder was a good fit, but there is no reason Jimmer can’t be more productive than Fisher at this point in their careers.

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