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Tyson Chandler Gets Called “Tall Guy” on Food Receipt 96

There are only a few things that NBA fans are thinking about during the playoffs.  If their team is involved, they are fully entranced in the series.  Right now, Brooklyn Nets fans are trying to figure out if Kevin Garnett was dissing them or trying to motivate them before a pivotal game four on Sunday.  Everyone else is trying to figure out how Clippers owner Donald Sterling even got his hands on an NBA franchise despite his moral beliefs.

What about the Knicks?  What are they doing?  On Saturday we found out that Tyson Chandler was not getting recognized around New York City, and it appears it may have irked him slightly.

Chandler was out for a bite to eat on Saturday afternoon at a burrito stand in the city and posted the picture of his receipt, which had a funny identifier for the 7′ 1″ center:

It is a little surprising that a guy with Chandler’s track record could go around New York City unnoticed.  Chandler was the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year and was a big part to the Knicks 54-28 record just last season.

However, the Knicks are currently an afterthought in the city as the Nets continue to play during the NBA playoffs while Knicks players go unrecognized.

Chandler had a disappointing 2013-2014 season posting just 8.7 points and 9.6 rebounds per game, both the lowest of his career as a Knick.  After a performance like that, Chandler is lucky that he was only called “Tall Guy” and not something worse.

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