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USA basketball not happy with Kevin Love’s play 0

The powers-that-be within the USA Olympic men’s basketball team are reportedly very unhappy with the Kevin Love who has shown up to play in the 2012 games.

Love got worked on the glass by Andres Nocioni at one point during the USA’s poor showing against a hungry Argentina squad and the Team USA basketball is reportedly not happy with Kevin Love’s play.

The word entitled has been tossed around, concerning the Timberwolves big man and people close to the situation say that Love is close to having his minutes cut into by rookie, Anthony Davis.

As it stands right now, Love is the 10th man in Team USA’s rotation and is really running the risk of seeing his playing time cut dramatically if he continues to not hustle.

Things won’t get easier for Love when Team USA faces Spain, a team anchored by it’s skilled big men. Love may find himself in a tough place if he gets out-worked by Serge Ibaka, Pau or Marc Gasol. Some believe Love has gone soft, too soft to be useful. If this is the case, look for, not only Anthony Davis, but Andre Iguodala to see more time on the court, as these are guys who will make plays defensively.

“Obviously I’d like to go out there and be playing with these guys, I really feel like I can help. I know my abilities and know what I’m capable of,” Love said Monday. “You know, Coach K and I have talked about it — this isn’t 2010. I obviously played more in 2010, but I’m a completely different player now and a far better player. So we’ll wait and see what happens. I worked into my playing time in 2010, and hopefully that’ll happen here. I just need to find a way to get into a rhythm in limited minutes, which is tough.”

It would seem as though Kevin Love is falling into the pot with every other NBA power forward who are thought of as being soft. Love only notched five minutes in USA’s game against the Brazilian team and only logged seven minutes in their matchup with Argentina.

“I just need to get into a rhythm, and there’s no real chances out here to do that. I was playing more minutes in Turkey than I am now, and they can say I’m not playing great.” Love said. “But I didn’t touch the ball yesterday, and there’s nothing I can really do in that regard. As far as rebounding the ball, I’m always going to do that. But if they don’t think I’m playing great, then fine. But hopefully I can prove that I am once I get a chance to get out there. Guys like LeBron and Kevin and Carmelo are playing a lot of 4. I’ve been playing mostly 5, playing out of position, so who knows?”



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