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The NBA playoff race has virtually begun, with only two days left in the NBA’s regular season. Some of the league’s elite are fighting for the right to host playoff games, not only for decisive matchups. Division crowns or seeding do not determine home-court advantage, only the record does. Let’s take a look at the NBA odds for the 2015 playoffs.

The Pelicans are building their strength around their All-Star forward, Davis. Thanks in great measure to Davis’ winning, after winning three of four games against the Thunder, the Pelicans hold the tiebreaker. New Orleans team has already its first winning record in four seasons. The Pelicans are in the playoff after their victory at home against San Antonio.

Teams that qualified weeks ago for the postseason, even being at the top of the standings they still have plenty at stake. Los Angeles Clippers, Houston, San Antonio, and Memphis, as they battle for the second best record in the West, all entered Tuesday within one game of each other. The victory would guarantee one of these teams at least a home-court advantage through the first two rounds.

Boston currently holds the seventh seed after missing the playoffs a season ago. After Brooklyn lost in the Monday game, the worst that can happen for the Celtics is to finish eighth. However, that only possible if Indiana wins its last two games and the Celtics lose their last two games.

Miami still has its chances after a victory Monday night over Orlando. However, they need to win their last game, as well as Indiana to lose its last two and Brooklyn to lose again. Indiana had hosted on Tuesday night and will visit Memphis on Wednesday. On Wednesday Brooklyn will finish at home against Orlando and on the same day Miami will close at Philadelphia.

Portland will end up forth because division winners can be seeded no worse than that. Memphis, Houston, and San Antonio are all in contention for the Southwest Division crown. Along with the Clippers, these three teams will all finish with better records than Portland.

Toronto will be the third-best division winner behind Cleveland and Atlanta. However Toronto could fall behind Chicago, to the fourth seed. In the first round Chicago secured home court advantage while the Bulls moved Monday night a half-game ahead of the Raptors.

Blazers will not have home court advantage in the first round series while Warriors will have home court advantage through NBA Finals.

Possible scenarios for the NBA playoff race are: on the East Coast Heat are eliminated with Pacers win, Celtics clinch number seven seed with win or Pacers loss. On the West Coast Clippers secure no worse than number three seed with win. The remaining seeding scenarios are: on the East Coast Bulls will be sealed number three with win in case that the Raptors lose one game or both games. Raptors will be seeded number three if they win both games or one game and the Bulls lose. Raptors will be seeded number four if they lose both games or one game and the Bulls win.


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