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How to bet on NFL, NBA and MLB 13

Betting on sports has never been easier, if you know the rules. In this article, we show you how to bet on NFL, NBA and MLB with huge success. You’ll find out not only the ways to bet, but also the examples that could be very helpful in the process. Let’s start.

How to Bet on NFL

NFL is a huge giant in the world of betting and most players know the overall potential of the league. Some teams are simply better than others, but that is not what makes a sure bet. You need to understand how betting odds work, follow certain rules and decide which one works best for you. In NFL, we have the table with two lines of information. They represent:

  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Over/Under (Total)

Each of them has something specific.

Moneyline is great for betting on the exact team where odds are representing the favorites and underdogs. Longer odds will be for an underdog, while shorter odds are reserved for the team expected to win. A plus sign tells you how much you win if you bet $100, while a minus sign means how much you must bet to win $100. It is a very simple game where the possibilities to win money are huge if you bet on better teams. Point Spread and Over/Under (Total) that you see on the NFL table are also interesting options that allows you to combine games or predict how many points will be in the game. They offer huge possibilities for more proficient bettors.

How to Bet on NBA

One of the most popular betting options in NBA is definitely handicap betting. The rules are simple here. If you wonder what to do next time when someone asks “Spurs or Knicks?” there are few options. You can bet based on your knowledge. If you see the Spurs at 7.5 point favorites on the road, it means they need to win by 8 or more. At the same time, you can also bet on the Knicks while covering the spread no matter if they win or lose. In this case, they will lose by 7 points or less. With this kind of handicap betting, you can decide which team will have an advantage and you can bet on teams based on the number of points they usually score.

How to Bet on MLB

Most bettors agree that wagering on baseball is the most elite of all sport betting options. The reasons are numerous, all the way from different terminology that puts aside the baseball community to the overall lucrative prizes you can win in this sport. Just like with any other sport, you need to have knowledge and patience to master the skills of betting.

In baseball, the two most popular wagering options are moneylines and runlines.

When it comes to moneyline, you choose the most popular and the most effective betting solution, since you have an opportunity to place an appropriate bet on the favored team or the underdog. Betting is wagered in $100 increment. If a favored team has a value of -130, you’ll need to wager $130 in order to win $100. On the other side, if an underdog has a value of +165, you will bet $100 if you want to win $165. This means you risk more for the favored team.

If you are a fan of runlines, few simple rules will make your betting easier. Runline gambling is a combination of the rules formed for moneyline and point spread systems.

You have underdogs with a positive value of +1.5, for example, while the favorites have a negative value of approximate -1.5. If you place the bet with a 1.5 odds, you predict that the favored team has to win with at least 2 runs or more, while the underdog loses by one run or win the game. In order to understand the baseball betting better, we need to know that one run happens when a player makes a point around the bases before three outs. Baseball gambling is popular with a reason. It is the most interesting and has some very specific rules, as you see.



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