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Five reasons Jim Harbaugh will be next Michigan head coach

  • David Whitlock
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Sometimes things make too much sense.  Like Double Stuf Oreos.  Or bun length hot dogs.  Or Jim Harbaugh to Michigan.  It’s not hard, people.  It has to happen.  Here are five reasons why Jim Harbaugh will be the next head coach at the University of Michigan.

1. He’s going to be available

Jim Harbaugh's act is wearing thin in Northern California Credit: AP

Jim Harbaugh’s act is wearing thin in Northern California
Credit: AP

One of the most difficult angles in hiring a new head football coach (especially in college) is whether or not he is willing to move.  Michigan has gone after Les Miles in the past…Miles enjoys the SEC.  They throw around the biggest names they can think of, but, despite the Michigan image of themselves, they can’t quite get ANY coach they want.  But Jim Harbaugh?  He’s about to be unemployed.  The worst kept secret in the NFL is the imminent dismissal of the San Francisco 49ers head coach.  Just 22 months after taking the Niners to the Super Bowl, his act has worn thin.  His QB is erratic, his best WR is petulant, and his running back and defense are old.  There’s a rebuilding effort afoot and Harbaugh will be gone.  And available.

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