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Flacco told teammate to run onto the field and tackle 49ers’ Ginn Jr. on final play

  • Jason Whitney

Joe Flacco had an odd plan in place if Ted Ginn Jr. sprung free on the game’s final play

Joe Flacco possibly could have went from Super Bowl hero to Super Bowl clown had Ted Ginn Jr. broke loose on the game’s final play. The Baltimore Ravens kick-coverage team lined up with 4 seconds to play holding onto a slim three-point lead. Flacco then came up with an odd plan that involved Ravens’ tight end, Dennis Pitta running onto the field and tackling  San Francisco 49ers’ Ted Ginn Jr. if he got into the clear.

Via USA Today:

“If he starts to break it, go tackle him,” Flacco told Pitta, as caught by NFL Films microphones.

“Really?” Pitta replied

Yeah, really. Flacco appeared to be stone serious.

“I don’t know,” Flacco said. “I mean, what else … what could they … I don’t know. They might be able to give him a touchdown on that, but I don’t know.”

Flacco didn’t stop there, as he went to his offensive lineman and told them the same thing!

“Hey, if he breaks it, if he busts it for some reason, tackle him, go tackle him,” Flacco said. “I don’t know what the rule is on that, but…”

Whether or not Flacco realized it, the ruling would be a touchdown had this act taken place. It would have been ruled, “palpably unfair act” with a “distance penalty determined by the Referee after consultation with other officials.”

Offensive lineman, Matt Birk was a bit skeptical of this idea and thus asked Flacco to go tackle him instead.

Why can’t you (go tackle him)?” center Matt Birk asks Flacco after the quarterback barks the command.

“I will,” Flacco said. “I’m going to.”

Luckily Ginn Jr. was tackled at midfield and we were spared of seeing one of the funniest desperation plays you’ll ever see. Imagine Flacco running onto the field chasing down Ted Ginn Jr. who can straight out fly when it comes to returning kicks.

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