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Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield took wife to Taco Bell for first date

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I think we can officially say that Florida Gulf Coast University has taken the country by storm. After shocking two-seed Georgetown, and following it up with an impressive victory against San Diego State, it is clear they have become the team to rally behind. Their hectic style of play makes them an easy watch, and the team has a great mix of personalities, led by coach Andy Enfield.

Enfield has an extremely interesting story, which includes being an NBA assistant, a self-made millionaire, and most importantly, he has a really hot wife, Amanda Marcum, a former supermodel. The best part about the story of a guy who has taken the world by storm with his underdog team and supermodel wife? For their first date, he took her to Taco Bell!

Here’s the details via USA Today:

That first date at the St. John’s NIT game didn’t end with a candlelight dinner. Instead, it ended with the most romantic place in all of Queens: Taco Bell. Because Enfield wasn’t familiar with the restaurants in Queens, he figured he’d see what was open on campus. Taco Bell was the only restaurant open late. “I got her a nice burrito, and we sat behind the bench,” Enfield told Newsday for the quote of a century. “I figured if she still likes me after Taco Bell and a basketball game . . . “

You have to consider this too; he took her to Taco Bell pre-Dorito taco. I think I may start doing this as a test for new girlfriends: you take them to a fast-food restaurant to test how down-to-earth they are. You never know when you’re going to find a hot Maxim model chowing down on a burrito at the local Taco Bell.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder


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