Floyd Mayweather, Jr: A Legend In His Own Mind.

What is Floyd Mayweather’s deal? I swear, every time I hear him talk, it makes me believe more and more that he is the most self-absorbed and delusional person on the planet. He recently responded to an interview on Shade 45 accusing the African-American host of “not being Black” because he called Floyd out on being scared to fight Manny Pacquiao.

This behavior is a pattern with Mayweather when the person he is talking to doesn’t defer from the Pacquiao question because Floyd attempts to deflect attention with topics like racism, money, or drug testing. Does he not understand that real boxing fans know what is going on?

I will never say he is not a great boxer, 42-0 is impossible to argue with. But does he really think boxing die-hards (like myself) really accept him as the greatest of all time? Absolutely not, he has continually ducked top fighters his whole career, and up until now has found reasons to weasel out of fighting the only other premier fighter of this generation in Pacquiao. I truly hope this new campaign that Mayweather wants to fight Manny on May 5th of 2012 is factual, and not just an attention-grabber for the delusional “legend.”

The only legend Floyd will retire with is that of being a coward if he doesn’t man-up and finally get in there with Pacquiao to earn the title of the greatest. His record is padded with a slew of recent fights coming against washed up tomato cans (unfortunately Pacquiao followed suit in that aspect). Couple that with the cheap-shot it took for Floyd to beat Victor Ortiz, and we have a serious problem. I don’t care what you Floyd-heads say about the Ortiz fight, was it legal? Sure. But I know as a man I wouldn’t hit another fighter who clearly was looking at the referee with hands at sides. His actions that night undermined the integrity and sportsmanship of the sport, not to mention robbed all the fans who bought the fight.

Fighting Manny Pacquiao will silence Floyd's doubters.

Not only has he cherry-picked opponents the last three years, every time he gets on TV and spouts off his yapper he is overly defensive and apparently tries to convince himself of his own greatness, while ignoring the question about why he has ducked Pacquiao like it doesn’t exist.

It just boggles my mind Floyd calls himself the best, but hasn’t fought the best, then gets ultra-defensive when that clear fact is brought up. Sorry Floyd, but us boxing fans don’t share you delusions, don’t blame us for wanting to see the fight happen. Don’t blame analysts and radio-show hosts because we live in reality and can clearly see you are giving yourself a title you haven’t earned.

The show host said it perfectly, Muhammad Ali wasn’t undefeated, but he never ducked anyone and was 1,000x the fighter Mayweather is. Even worse, Floyd doesn’t realize that outside of his little circle and blind brainwashed fan-base, the rest of the boxing world agrees with this.

Stop getting mad at people interviewing you, Floyd. Stop getting mad at analysts. Step in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, put aside the circus, and give us fans what we want. Win, lose, or draw, then and only then will real boxing fans respect you.

  • http://sports-kings.com Pat

    His “team” is already talking about other possible opponents. Bet he goes the easier route, like always, and tries to hype a Khan fight. I think this is just a distraction for Pacquiao to deal with – conveniently, days before his fight with a guy willing to step in with him. Typical Floyd.

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