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Floyd Mayweather, Sr. and Freddie Roach can agree on one thing

  • Jim Racalto

Floyd Mayweather, Sr., who is largely responsible for honing his sons boxing skills at a young age, apparently doesn’t think much of Floyd Jr.’s strength and conditioning coach, Alex Ariza. Ariza previously worked with Manny Pacquiao but was fired by Pac Man’s trainer, Freddie Roach.

Via Bleacher Report:

Mayweather Sr. doesn‘t believe Ariza deserves to be praised for his work so far, as reported by On The Ropes Boxing Radio (h/tEdward Chaykovsky of Boxing Scene):

That son of a b—h ain’t strengthening nobody. He ain’t nobody. He’s in there, I can’t say exactly what he’s doing but he ain’t strength training little Floyd. What Floyd’s doing everybody’s helping, it’s not just one person.

He don’t know s–t anyways, he don’t anything about no damn boxing, I do know that. I know he doesn’t know anything about boxing and he don’t know what to tell anyone anyways. If he does know anything, it’s some dirty s–t and it’s something that nobody wants to use or hear about. Nobody is into that kind of mess.

Roach himself also seemed unimpressed by Ariza during his tenure with Pacquiao’s camp, and he thinks it’s only a matter of time before Mayweather also fires Ariza:

I think it’s the best thing in the f—–g world (that Ariza is working with Mayweather). Wait ‘till he starts trying to do the cutman’s job and everyone else’s job. I mean. It’s pretty funny actually cuz he wants to be the man so bad. 

He starts trying to do Miguel Diaz’s job, Miguel can’t get up the steps because he’s cutting him off. He tried to be the cutman. It’s just a matter of time before he (Floyd) fires him also.

However, Shane Mosley has vouched for Ariza and thinks he gives Floyd an advantage heading into the Mega-Fight May 2nd. Overall, you have to think Mayweather knows what he’s doing as far as his conditioning, and he can decide whether or not Ariza is a useful asset to his team. Either way, it’s highly doubtful Ariza is fired this close to the fight, as that type of distraction could hinder Floyd as he makes his final preparations.



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