Former Baltimore Raven takes shot at Ray Lewis

  • Jason Whitney
A former Baltimore Raven called out Ray Lewis

The words “Father Time” are the two words no athlete ever wants to hear associated with their name. Well “Father Time” is catching up with Ray Lewis rather quickly. Being pancaked and unable to shed blocks or consistently chase down backs in the open field has happened all too frequently with the former Defensive Player of the Year.

Media members and fans aren’t the only ones noticing the slip in the 37-year-old, future Hall of Fame linebacker. Former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman, Wally Williams, who is now retired took some critical shots at Ray Lewis and his performance this year.

“He’s outmanned at the point of attack,” said retired Ravens offensive lineman Wally Williams, Lewis’ former teammate. “He’s not as physical. You see a lot of Ray on the ground, on his back. He gets overpowered and stuck to blocks.

“You can’t expect a guy to not lose a couple of steps with all the wear and tear on his body. You’re not accustomed to seeing Ray have so many problems. It’s glaring, it looks really bad.”

The Ravens’ third-ranked defense from last season has fallen to 24th in total defense, 20th against the run and is tied for 22nd in pass defense. What is also alarming is the failures of Ray Lewis to keep up with the younger, mobile, quicker, stronger running backs. Guys like Trent Richardson and Jamaal Charles.

Lewis still leads the team in tackles with 43, but many of them are down field. Ray Lewis and Ravens fans are hoping their legendary linebacker and uncharacteristically bad defense can turn it around for one last Super Bowl run, with their long term core veterans at the helm.


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