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Former Knicks draft bust now weighs 320 pounds and playing for $1 million

  • Jason Whitney
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Photo: Courtesy of The Basketball Tournament; Susan May Tell (inset)

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This title is a bit broad considering that the New York Knicks have had a slew of draft busts over the years. However, back in the early 2000s, Michael Sweetney, was looked at as a solid prospect out of Georgetown. Unfortunately, Sweetney couldn’t lay off the sweets and never panned out after battling weight issues.

Isiah Thomas would eventually take over as president and he would send Sweetney packing for Chicago where he would play for the Bulls for a couple of seasons before virtually never being heard from again.

That is until now.

Sweetney who now weighs 320 bills, will be back at Madison Square Garden and will have a chance to win $1 million bones.

Via New York Post:

Former Knicks lottery pick Michael Sweetney, selected ninth overall in 2003, will be back in New York on Saturday night, playing basketball on ESPN for a $1 million prize at Fordham’s Rose Hill Gym.

But money isn’t the only thing driving the formerly hefty Knicks power forward in this wild, new 18-and-over pickup event called “The Basketball Tournament.’’ Regaining his health and happiness is foremost.

Sweetney told The Post his NBA career was derailed because of a long and undiagnosed bout with clinical depression, causing him to eat too much and not take care of his body.

The 32-year-old only recently got professional help when he received the diagnosis. His weight still is at 320 pounds and he will wear a size 5XL jersey when he mans the post Saturday for the Baltimore-based “City of Gods.’’

It’s good to see that Sweetney is trying to get back into hoops and take better care of his body. The former Hoya said that if his comeback doesn’t work out, he wants to get into coaching.

The games will be televised this weekend on ESPN with Sunday being the championship.

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