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Former Yankee gives Derek Jeter classic retirement advice

  • Jason Whitney

Former Yankee Hideki Matsui says Derek Jeter needs to find a wife!

Notorious playboy Derek Jeter has been in the Major Leagues a long time, and with that, has come plenty of beautiful women. Playing shortstop for the New York Yankees is always helpful on a first date. At nearly 40 years-old, Jeter has yet to commit to one woman, rather preferring to play the field (pardon the crappy pun) instead. Now, in his last season, Jeter will be walking off into the sunset with plenty of accolades and rings, but he is still missing one thing. That one thing Jeter is missing was summed up best by former Yankee and teammate Hideki Matsui.


Something tells me that Jeter won’t be settling down anytime soon with the plethora of women he has at his fingertips. And can anyone blame him?

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