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Fred Davis accuser says Redskins are jealous of Ravens

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Former Redskins tight end Fred Davis, who is currently a free agent, is being sued by a woman named Makini R. Chaka for upwards of $350,000 in punitive damages after a night club altercation. While we’ve seen these types of incidents occur with professional athletes before, Chaka’s reasoning behind what started the altercation is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Via Pro Football Talk:

The Redskins and the Ravens players don’t get along,” Chaka testified, via theWashingtonian. “A lot of the Redskins players are jealous of the Ravens players because they are a better team.”

According to Chaka, she was with a group of Ravens players when Davis approached her, grabbed her wrist and yelled profanities at her. Chaka responded by throwing a drink in Davis’s face, and Davis returned minutes later and dumped a pitcher of juice on her.

Chaka’s actual lawsuit is based on whether Davis only poured the liquid on her, or threw the pitcher and injured her lip as she claims. There is a video of the incident, but it is reported that it doesn’t provide much, if any, evidence in the case. Either way, I find it hilarious that if Davis was indeed jealous of the Ravens, it could now cost him a nice chunk of loot.

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