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Friday Fantasy Focus-NFL Week 10

  • Ty O'Keefe
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Welcome to another edition of the Friday Fantasy Focus, where we’ll take a look at some of the more attractive options to include on your roster, and also do our best to steer you away from a disappointing performance in week 10 of the NFL’s regular season.

With the fantasy football playoffs right around the corner, those of us who are on the outside of our league’s playoff picture are scanning the waiver-wire in hopes of finding that one key player to put ourselves back in the hunt.

Keep It Moving

It’s easy to get knee-deep in the world of fantasy football during the regular season, especially if you happen to be someone who enjoys owning multiple teams on various sites.

That being said, it’s also easy to find yourself getting involved in the everyday politics that exist within fantasy football, something that rarely benefits anyone involved.

Recently, a public league that I play in erupted with accusations of collusion and tomfoolery due to some very lopsided trades that occurred between friends that clearly benefited one team while hurting the other. Since then, this has continued to happen between the same two parties which has angered several members of the league to the point that e-mails are being sent out by the angered parties notifying the rest of the league of the situation.

After receiving several of these e-mails, I wisely chose to stay out of it and let my “veto power” do the talking instead.

The point is that regardless of the situation, we play fantasy sports because we enjoy it, allowing complete strangers or even more familiar acquaintances to take away from that defeats the entire purpose.

While it may be understandably difficult at times to hold back, engaging in e-mail tag with people that you barely know won’t resolve anything, and even if you do know them, you can only control your own team.

So remember, keep it moving, and if you’re truly unhappy with something such as a trade, simply exercise your right to veto the deal and act like an adult-even if you’re not.

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