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Geno Smith: “Jay-Z didn’t recruit me.”

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Jay-Z in an Instagram picture with Geno Smith. (Credit:

Rap mogul and entrepreneur Jay-Z has been making headlines all over the sports world since forming Roc Nation Sports, and has already nabbed himself some high profile clients, including Robinson Cano and Victor Cruz. One client, however, insists that Jay-Z did not recruit him.

New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith fired his agent after he fell in April’s draft, and is now signed to Roc Nation. It is easy to assume that being the superstar that he is, Jay-Z could have played a role in luring Smith to his company.

Via’s Albert Breer reported Tuesday that the NFLPA sent a letter of inquiry to Roc Nation Sports agent Kim Miale, who represents Smith. The union’s attention also was piqued by comments from Smith’s advisor, former NFL defensive tackle John Thornton, who said last week: “I was in those meetings, and Jay-Z connected with (Smith) on many levels.”

The inquiry by the NFLPA is to find out whether or not Miale broke the “runner rule”, which prohibits friends or colleagues of agents from attending recruiting meetings, if that friend or colleague is not also a certified agent. The union is currently awaiting a response from Miale and Roc Nation Sports.


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