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George Clooney Gives Ed Reed a Hard Time at the Oscars

  • Jason Whitney

At the Oscars, one of the last people you’d expect to see walking around and interviewing Hollywood’s elite would be Ed Reed; Sure as day, though, Reed took to the red carpet and according to Dan Hanzus of even got some flack from one of the biggest names in film.


Photo Credit: Washington Post

Photo Credit: Washington Post



Reed, who was a correspondent for Rich Eisen’s podcast on Sunday night (and rocked a black tux and black shoes with purple highlights, a purple bow tie and purple pocket square) was stopped and spoken to by George Clooney who gave Reed a bit of a hard time.

“You hurt me bad.” Clooney told the all-pro safety, “I’m a Bengals fan.”

Clooney, who was raised in the Cincinnati area, doesn’t usually mention his fanhood that often. The USA Today may have put it best.
“But, still, isn’t it sort of weird that George Clooney is a Bengals fan? It’s so uncool. It’s so un-Clooney. That’s like finding out Frank Sinatra spent most nights sitting in his boxers, watching Andy Griffith reruns and eating Cheerios straight out of the box. No wonder Clooney doesn’t celebrate this fact or try to become the franchise’s Jack Nicholson. Being a Bengals fan is damaging to his cool cred.”

Guys like Clooney and Ed Reed don’t have to worry too much about damaging their “cool cred”, but seeing the two of them interact was like two different worlds colliding and was certainly an interesting experience even though it was very brief.


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