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George Hill upset by Pacers fans

  • Jim Racalto

When I picture myself as a fan of my respective teams, I see a straight up maniac. I have never believed in being a fair-weather fan, and as most of my friends and colleagues can tell you, I can be overly enthusiastic and rub some people the wrong way. Oh well, I’d rather be annoying than a fraud. George Hill of the Indiana Pacers is wondering why his team, who is 31-19 this season, doesn’t have more fans like me:

“It’s very disappointing. The fans show up when we play the marquee teams, but they show up wearing the marquee team’s clothes. We feed off them.”


This is a familiar sight for Pacers home games

This is a strange paradox, because the Pacers are having a very successful year thus far, currently riding a 15 game home winning streak. Naturally, if a team is in the middle of a down season or having off years attendance may be spotty. This is why Hill is so upset, because the Pacers have been one of the surprises this year in the NBA. Normally when a young team is making unexpected waves, the city and fan base are on fire with enthusiasm. Not the case in Indiana though. Maybe it’s going to take a trip deep into the playoffs for the fair-weather Pacers fans to take notice of what this team is doing.

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