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Gerald Green delivers a MONSTER dunk

  • Andy Flint

Indiana Pacers’ high-flyer, Gerald Green jams home a huge slam against the Spurs during Monday night’s action in San Antonio.

Green’s big play came with about 1:20 left in the first quarter and brought the Pacers to within four points of the Spurs.

The swingman (Green) clocked 26 minutes and finished the game with 9 points and 8 rebounds, but it wasn’t enough as the veteran Spurs rolled to a 101-79 victory at home against a Danny Granger-less Indiana squad who seems to still be searching for their identity.

Regardless of what the Pacers’ record is at the end of the season, I expect to get my fill of Gerald Green highlights throughout. This incredibly talented highlight machine is the dunking gift that keeps on giving.


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