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Giants’ Pablo Sandoval received 300 text messages and congrats from Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez

  • Jason Whitney

Pablo Sandoval received 300 text messages and a tweet from the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez

After Pablo Sandoval’s three home run performance in the first game of the World Series, he received 300 text messages. Talk about your phone blowing up, wow. What may have been even more surreal for the San Francisco Giants corner infielder was the tweet he received from his native Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez.

Via the LA Times:

“Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown, myself hitting three homers in the World Series,” Sandoval said. “It’s a big deal. The president sent me a tweet yesterday. I still can’t believe it.”

Pablo Sandoval became just the fourth player in baseball history to knock out three home runs in a World Series game. Quite an accomplishment for the five-year veteran, who has a combined six home runs this postseason largely in part to Game 1’s stellar performance against the Detroit Tigers.

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