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Ginobili’s Brother Calls Spanish Team P@#$%!!!

  • Jason Whitney

You heard that right. According to I AM A GM, Manu Ginobili’s brother, Leandro Ginobili, called the Spanish National basketball team “pussies.”

Via Jorge Sierra, Leandro, the eldest of the Ginobili brothers, used crude language to do so, calling Spanish players “pussies” (roughly translated) and pointing at the lack of fight in the final minutes of the game, when the Spaniards were trailing on the score and looked to be in no rush to score or foul. …. “I would be OK with giving the main guys on the team a break, but not with the attitude displayed. When you’re 5-6 points behind with two minutes to go and you don’t foul and you play long possessions, that’s strange, right?”

I guess Leandro was a bit harsh on the Spanish team, but he’s right about how wrong the Spanish team went about playing. When you’re down 5-6 points you’re definitely in the game, and must do anything to attempt to win. Some players on the Spanish team have been called soft over their careers. Specifically Pau Gasol.

But this really has to do with Spain’s lack of effort because they didn’t want to play Team USA in the Semi-Final matchup. Argentina, (Ginobili’s team) now has the luxury of doing that.

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