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Goran Dragic calls out Australia for fixing FIBA game against Angola

  • Jason Whitney

Goran Dragic said Australia fixed their FIBA World Cup game

Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic was upset today after finding out Australia rested their key guys against Angola during a FIBA Group D game. Dragic expressed his anger on Twitter and was very blunt. Goran tweeted that there is no room in the game of basketball to fix games and that FIBA should do something about the alleged “fixing” that took place.

In reality, what took place, was Australia trying to avoid the United States team for as long as possible. The top four teams advance in each Group to form a single elimination 16-team tournament. Seeing that Australia is in Group D and the USA is Group C, they will meet in the bottom half of the bracket in the knockout round. But the key to delaying a matchup with the USA, is to get either the 1-seed or the 3-seed. At the time, Australia was tied for the second/third seed with Lithuania.

Fast forward to today’s Australia/Angola game in which both teams could make or maneuver into the 16-team elimination round. Australia was up 10 at the half before realizing that if they were to lose, they could secure the third seed and thus, delay a potential matchup with the USA team in the elimination round. The Australia coach realized this and decided to pull his good players while playing sloppy ball.

This led to Angola gaining confidence because by them winning it gives them a shot at the elimination round if Mexico loses to Korea. Now, for Dragic and Slovenia, they must beat Lithuania later today in order to secure the 1-seed, and most importantly, avoid the USA in the quarterfinals. Stay tuned…

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