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Greg Cosell says Johnny Manziel looked almost “undraftable.”

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NFL Films producer Greg Cosell says no quarterbacks in the 2014 draft class look like sure-fire top ten picks, and he’s really on the fence about Texas A&M’s polarizing star, Johnny Manziel. Cosell said that if the only two games you watched of Manziel were the ones against LSU and Missouri, you probably couldn’t justify drafting him with a high pick:

He played two games this year, LSU and Missouri,(and) if those were the first two games you put on and watched, you’d say he was almost undraftable,” Cosell said. “He was so bad in those two games, that you’d struggle to figure out, can I even draft this guy?

Manziel didn’t play well against either team, and was especially mediocre in his meetings with LSU during his two-year tenure at A&M, completing only 16 of 41 passes. Johnny Football was visibly frustrated in both games, and that has raised questions on how he will transition when he’s up against NFL defenses.

Cosell continued:

…At times, he’s shown very strong flashes of structured pocket play that clearly projects to the NFL. So I think it will come down to how you balance these issues. He’s much more of a see-it, throw-it quarterback than an anticipation thrower. He’s not really a timing and anticipation thrower on film.

Despite his late struggles and the questions surrounding him, Manziel will most likely still be a top pick in May’s NFL Draft. Plenty of teams could take a chance on him, including the Texans, Jaguars, Raiders, and Browns – all of whom pick in the top five.


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