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Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs says he was “queer for tight ends”

  • Mark Evans

Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs is a Hall of Fame NFL coach, as well as being a three-time Super Bowl champion with the Washington Redskins. Although he is still in the Washington organization, he is no longer a coach. He is currently involved in NASCAR, but that’s another topic. So, why is he in hot water regarding a comment he made regarding football?

Well, it has to do with something questionable he recently said during an interview. Joe Gibbs worded something in a way that he probably could have avoided pretty easily.


Yup, he said it. Joe Gibbs dropped the word “queer” on the radio while talking about tight ends. Nice, Joe!

“They always said I was queer for tight ends”

Joe Gibbs was clearly talking about how he had some sort of an obsession with quality tight ends. He is not alone in this position, as NFL coaches league wide seem to be obsessed with stockpiling versatile tight ends. Bill Belichick, I’m looking at you in particular. Yeah, the guy who has Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez on the same roster.

We can all understand what Joe Gibbs was trying to say when he said this. He liked to have good tight ends on his roster. But did he have to use that wording? There’s really no need for it. Could have just said: “They always said I had an obsession with tight ends.”

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