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Bills vs Chiefs week 2: Keys to the game 51

Let’s get this out of the way early. For the Bills, week 1 was an absolute mess. For every positive, there seemed to be three negatives. In my opinion, this game against the chiefs is twice as important as the opener against the Jets. This is where the team will show their true colors. It’s almost time for the home opener. Here’s how I think the Bills should respond after the drubbing they took last week.

1) I said it last week, I’ll say it again. FITZ-ACCURACY
It doesn’t matter how well your running game plays, when your quarterback throws three interceptions (one for a touchdown), it makes the game monumentally harder to win. When the interceptions are as frequent as they were last week, suddenly the secondary gets hungry. They can smell blood in the water. If a quarterback’s confidence is shaken, it has an effect on every facet of the offense. The offensive coordinator has to choose to either risk the QB throwing more interceptions or he has to focus on the running game. If the opposing defense figures that out, suddenly they stack the box and the running game stagnates. I’ve said it before, and it’s more evident now than it was at this point last week. Where Fitz goes, this team goes with him.

2)  CJ Spiller needs to play like he did last week, minus the fumble 

CJ Spiller looked like a beast last week in the wake of Fred Jackson’s injury. He ran for 169 yards (a career high) including a 56 yard touchdown. Although it wasn’t enough to make the game super close, it was still a good sign. Spiller had been somewhat of a question mark up until Fred Jackson broke his leg last season. After that, Spiller started to look like a legitimate part of the offense. I believe last week was his breakout game, though. Hopefully, it’ll only get better from here. If Fitzpatrick is going to be inconsistent like he was last week, a powerful running game is going to be necessary. The only black mark on Spiller’s game last week was the fumble that he coughed up after a 30 yard reception. Obviously, it wasn’t a COMPLETE game changer, but one can’t help but to wonder what would have happened without that turnover.


3) Mario Williams needs to play like the 100 million dollar man

Mario Williams was supposed to be dominant in week 1. To be blunt, he didn’t show up. And to make it worse, after being almost a complete non-factor he put the replacement referees on blast. He said that they turned a blind eye to the illegal hands to the face that he claimed right tackle Austin Howard used to silence him. Mario Williams needs to let his game do the talking. No more complaints, no more no-shows. You’re getting paid 100 million dollars to make quarterbacks eat dirt. Step it up, big guy.

4) Chiefs WR Steve Breaston vs. Bills CB Stephon Gilmore

This is going to be a weakness that  the Chiefs are going to try and exploit. Gilmore is a rookie, he has potential but he’s still raw. Breaston has excellent route running skills. Last week, the Jets took advantage of Gilmore and it resulted in a big day for WR Stephen Hill. If Breaston can have the same kind of day, Buffalo will be in trouble. Gilmore needs to live up to his 10th overall pick potential.


This week is vital. Even though it’s only week 2, it’s time to punch the Chiefs in the mouth and get back the respect that the team deserves. We gotta get it back on track. And on a personal note, I’ll actually be attending this game. It’s my first game of the year, so I’m hoping for something memorable and a W to remember on my way home afterwards.

Circle ’em.


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