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Cavs, Andrew Wiggins deal signed 0

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and Andrew Wiggins have come to a contract agreement.
The contract is a 2 year deal, worth a reported $5.5 million. Why this deal is important, is because the Cavs cannot trade Wiggins and his rookie deal for another 30 days.

  According to Sam Amico of, talks have ramped up another level between the Cavs and Wolves. Wiggins signing his deal was the first step that had to take place. The Cavs need to put together enough trade chips and their contracts to make up 80% of Kevin Love’s $15.7 million contract. Bennett and Wiggins’ $5.5 million deals and another contract would get that trade approved by the NBA.

Wiggins may have signed with the Cavs today, but we cant be sure he’ll ever play for them.


Cameron Wilkosz – @cavaliercam13


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